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How To Write A Good Dating Profile? Best Tips And Examples Are Here!

How To Write A Good Dating Profile? Best Tips And Examples Are Here!

Want to create a dating profile but don’t know where to start? Cool and witty dating profile examples, lots of online dating profile tips (backed by science!), and a lot of information on how to write a dating profile for a man are waiting for you here!

How to write a dating profile for a man? The best dating profile tip

How to write a dating profile? Let’s start with the most basic and general thing that comes to mind: your profile must be interesting and original—which means it mustn’t be lazy or empty. The exact process of creating an online dating profile depends on the site you’re going to use, but you always need to spend some time writing the dating profile “about me” section, the headline, and the “bio” part of it. Your username and your photo matter, too—probably even more than you think.

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Later on in this text, we’ll talk about each of these things in more detail. But first, let’s talk about three fundamental rules on what to write on dating profile:

  • Be creative, engaging, and specific. You’ll find many examples here, but you need to get inspired with them, not copy & paste them. 
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are proper. This might not be the most important thing if you’re into international dating, but bad grammar and typos can make your profile less attractive! 
  • Complete the profile and don’t let it look empty. Remember how you feel when looking at a boring, empty female dating profile? Women feel the same way when they see boring and empty male profiles!

Dating profile username: What should it be?

Your dating profile username isn’t the most crucial part of the story, let’s be honest. First, it’s not something you’ll see on 100% of dating websites—some of them don’t even offer their users the opportunity to create a username. And second, the username is definitely not the thing women make a decision on. It’s not something that can attract a woman, to be fair.

Instead, it’s something that can work as a turn-off. Here are the top 5 rules that will help you not screw everything up right at the beginning:

  • Don’t use numbers. Just don’t.
  • Don’t try to create a cheesy username (they are always creepy, tbh).
  • No negativity, please. The “LonelyGuy” username won’t work as expected.
  • Be creative, be interesting, and make a woman smile.
  • No “niceguy” type of usernames, please! No one wants a nice guy, just admit it and go on.

Dating profile headlines: How to get attention right

It’s essential to have a good profile headline because it’s basically the main thing that makes women swipe left or right—on Tinder, for example, women don’t spend more than 3 seconds on attractive profiles (it’s 6 seconds for less appealing profiles). It’s not only about Tinder—that’s how it works on all dating websites. 

And when we say a “good” profile headline, we mean “catchy,” of course. That’s the main idea of a headline—it must catch the attention of a woman and make her click on your profile or spend some more time viewing your photos and reading your profile bio. Here are the main rules of writing a catchy profile headline:

  1. Tell something about your best qualities. Are you optimistic and friendly? Fun and interesting to talk to? Confident and fit? Then, write about it! 
  2. Talk about the type of relationship you’re looking for. Searching for a FWB? Write something about it. Looking for casual relationships? Be honest and tell what you want. Want something long-term and serious? Define the relationship you’re searching for right away!
  3. If you have zero ideas, just google it. It’s not rocket science, you just google something like “best dating profile headlines,” choose the one you like most, change it (if needed), and use it. 
  4. Super Extra Pro Tip: Talk about your pets. Everyone loves pets, and it’s not just words—the photos with pets can really increase the individual’s chances of finding a match!
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How to write a dating profile bio?

According to our experience, there are two popular types of a dating profile bio section: a long and boring one, and an empty one. It’s pretty rare to find a cool and exciting bio—and it’s kind of weird because it’s actually an essential part of your profile. Here, you’ll find 2 don’ts and 2 dos that will let you understand how to write a great dating profile bio!

  • Don’t tell your life story—no one wants to read an autobiography on a dating app. The length of a bio may vary depending on the website you’re using (a Tinder bio must be short, while a bio for an international dating site can be longer than 4 sentences). Remember that your main goal is to make it light and fun, not boring and long!
  • Don’t be afraid to exaggerate because it’s totally ok. According to some studies, small exaggerations about height, weight, and even age are very common on dating websites—and some sources even claim 4 out of 5 singles lie about certain physical traits to look more attractive! 
  • Show who you are, don’t just tell who you are. Instead of writing something like “I like to travel,” write something like “the coolest thing I’ve ever done: doing X in the mountains of Y.” Instead of writing “I love to dance,” say why you love it. You’ve got the idea.
  • Share an exciting and fun mini-story that happened to you—it’s always better than just describing your qualities and hobbies, and it’s a perfect idea for the first message (women are struggling to come up with a first message just like men do).

Dating profile pictures: Tips and tricks

We all know appearances aren’t the foundation of a relationship, and they aren’t the main and the only reason that a relationship will succeed or fail. That’s a fact, but here’s another point for you: looks identify with sexual attraction, and the way you look is critical in a relationship. It’s even more important on the initial stage of the relationship when your profile photo is the only thing a woman is looking at while swiping (we use this term for all dating apps and sites, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re talking about the swiping mechanic).

So, the dating profile pictures for guys are extremely important. Basically, they are even more important than everything we’ve talked about before—especially when it comes to casual dating. By the way, some additionail tips you can find in online dating guide we’ve prepared for you, too.

Here are the 5 tips that will help you choose the right dating profile pictures:

  1. Don’t forget to smile! A genuine smile (the one that can be differentiated by the presence of the “laugh lines,” the wrinkles at the corners of the eye) will always make a great first impression. 
  2. Full body pics are great because your profile gallery shouldn’t consist of your face photos only. Just don’t upload tons of them—a few full-body images will work great.
  3. Sunglasses are totally ok, despite what some experts say. However, having 100% of photos with a face covered with sunglasses/hands/coffee is definitely not ok.
  4. Forget about the old photos. You can trick a woman into dating you with an old photo, but what’s next? Recent, unphotoshopped pics are always the best option.
  5. Don’t upload only one photo—instead, upload a few face pics, a full-body picture, a picture that shows your hobby, etc.

Excellent dating profile examples 

Here are some online dating profile examples—they are from different websites, their authors have different intentions, but they all are just great! 

bio dating profile example

This guy doesn’t just follow the rules of creating a perfect dating profile bio, he actually created some of them—and it looks like there is nothing to elaborate on here. It’s just a perfect profile bio with a few extraordinary stories and a few catchy things that attract many women.

tinder dating profile examples for men

These are some excellent examples of a funny profile bio/headline, and it’s not just about the text—it’s about the synergy of the profile photo with what’s written below. 

tinder dating profiles for men

Jokes, hobbies mentioned, cool photos (no sunglasses and covered face, as you see), showing-not-telling—even though these guys did not read this text, they created their profiles following all the requirements we’ve listed above!

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There is no such thing as a perfect dating profile template that will work for 100% of men. The rules and tips we’ve talked about before will work great in most cases, but it’s never about strict rules when it comes to dating apps. It’s always about being yourself, about being honest, and about having an interesting personality. So be honest, be yourself, be interesting—and you’ll have a great time with online dating!

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